The Life of a Golfer

He had endured a long fight with cancer. I met with his wife, 2 daughters, and the 2 son-in-laws. Cremation was going to be the final disposition, but the family wanted to do more than just a direct cremation. All they could talk about when making the arrangements was his love for golf. Being the arranger, I wanted to help provide them with the best closure for the situation. And so we began to brainstorm all the different possibilities. What kept coming to everyone’s mind was doing something golf related. I threw out to the family the possibility of going to the golf course he belonged to and have a gathering of all the family and friends.

The attire for the occasion was golf wear…golf shirt, shorts, golf shoes, etc. (Even I dressed up in the golf wear, not the funeral home suit you normally see). Pictures were set up all around the outside of the clubhouse. Food and drinks were served the entire time we were outside. Everyone gathered on the first tee-box at our set “tee time” and his minister spoke briefly. And then since we did have a tee time set, everyone in attendance got to use his driver and hit a ball off the #1 box. I was even included and got to hit one. Golf balls and golf tees with his initials engraved on them were given to everyone as a keepsake. It was quite a wonderful way to celebrate his life.

This celebration of life was held in Kansas City, MO.