Celebration of Life

The death of a loved one leaves behind unforgettable memories that touch family and friends long after death.
Families arranging the funeral often desire to define and communicate that personality with clarity and resonance.  This often involves music, special themes and personalized activities at the funeral home and/or at graveside. 

SI Funeral Services offers limitless personalization options for burial vaults and urn vaults that the Funeral Director can offer to the family as a Celebration of Life option. 

These choices let your families tell their loved one’s singular story.  

Images, emblems, engraved words and verses, handwritten personal observations, however the family choose to express their loved one’s life.

SI Funeral Services provides you the way.

SI Funeral Services offers the full line of Wilbert’s personalization options including:

  •      Personalized Vaults
  •      Life’s Reflections ®
  •      Legacy Series Prints ® 
  •      Life Expressions ® Emblems  
  •      Urn Engraving  

Celebration of Life Examples

  • The Life of a Golfer
    Everyone gathered on the first tee-box at our set "tee-time" and his minister spoke briefly.
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  • A Teenage Life
    She had just graduated from high school and was working in the floral department of the neighborhood grocery store.
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  • The Professor
    In the summer, his family operated a theater in the barn next to their home.
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  • The Story Teller
    She never lacked an opinion and she was happy to share it. But with her, you I always knew she would fight an army to stand by me.
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  • Football Fan
    John was a young man who loved football. He liked to watch it, play it and talk about. He was a loyal fan of both the Dallas Cowboys and the local college football team.
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  • The Motorcyclist
    For Tom the hours he spent riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle were the happiest times of his short life, especially when he was doing it with his motorcycle club buddies.
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