SI Construction Services Takes on Largest Crypt Installation of its Kind (Georgia National Cemetery)


(Canton, Ga.)… SI® Construction Services is playing a major role in building the country's newest final resting place for deceased veterans.  SI® Construction Services, a division of Suhor Industries, Inc. is part of the construction team on the new Georgia National Cemetery.

The 775-acre Georgia National Cemetery, located on a mountain top in Canton, Georgia, will serve the burial needs of veterans and their families for the next 50 years.  Construction began in January 2005 and should be complete by December 2006.  Eventually, the cemetery will hold 31,000 grave sites.  This is one of 123 cemeteries run by the National Cemetery Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  The cemetery started accepting burials in April, 2006.

General contractor JM Wilkerson Construction awarded SI® Construction Services $7.6 million of the $28 million project.  One of the major components that SI® Construction Services handled was the installation of double depth lawn crypts.  Each lawn crypt is designed to hold two caskets, allowing for burial of a veteran and their spouse together in the same plot.  SI® Construction Services was responsible for every aspect of the crypts from manufacturing to installation, including layout, excavating and final grade.  The 18,000 double depth lawn crypts installed here represents the single largest installation of this kind ever undertaken. SI® Construction Services is under budget and ahead of schedule on this project.

Not every veteran makes the decision to be buried.  Some make arrangements for cremation, and SI® Construction Services was responsible for their final resting place as well.  The company manufactured and installed a 3,200-space concrete columbarium, also called cremation niches, where cremated remains of the veteran and spouse may be placed together.  These niches then have an engraved granite or marble shutter placed over the face of the unit.

Grave site services cannot be held at VA cemeteries, but a service can take place in committal shelters located away from the gravesite.  SI® Construction Services provided and installed the granite veneer for all three of the Georgia National Cemetery's commitments shelters along with all granite signage used throughout the cemetery.

SI® Construction Services installs lawn crypts, columbarium niches and mausoleums in cemeteries throughout the United States for both public and private sector owners.  In the last six years SI® Construction Services has installed over 37,000 lawn crypts and 43,000 niches for the VA in 25 cemeteries in 15 states.  They are a division of Suhor Industries, Inc. a well-respected service provider to the funeral industry, building trades and agricultural markets.  For more information please visit

PHOTO CAPTION:  Representatives from Suhor Industries recently attended the dedication of the Georgia National Cemetery, Pictured left to right are Birch McVey, a former POW; James Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs; Chris Carson, Vice President, SI® Construction Services, and Dennis P. Welzenbach, Chief Operating Officer/CFO, Suhor Industries.

Articles appeared in the Johnson County Sun (8/10/06) and ICFA Magazine (10/1/06)