SI Funeral Services Help Funeral Directors Navigate Through the Rising Trend of Cremations


(Overland Park, Kan.)…A national survey from 2005* says that nearly half of Americans plan to choose cremation, and 89% of those choosing cremation would like some type of ceremony, with 25% stating they would want a memorial service. As the number of cremations trends upwards, funeral directors are looking for ways to advise their customers how to incorporate mourning, ritualizing, and memorializing into cremation. SI® Funeral Services, a company with over 70 years of industry experience, has the expertise to help funeral directors react to this trend.

A well-respected provider to the funeral industry, SI® Funeral Services offers unique products and services that allow funeral directors to assist their clients to navigate through the decision of cremation. SI® Funeral Services is a division of Suhor Industries, Inc., the nation's largest Wilbert Burial Vault licensee and one of the leading funeral service providers in the country.  

"We make it our priority to stay on top of the latest trends concerning consumers' plans for final disposition of death, and then we provide funeral directors the tools they need to meet their customers' needs," says Joseph Suhor, Chairman and CEO, Suhor Industries. "Baby Boomers are often attracted to convenient solutions, and more frequently are looking to cremation without much knowledge on what to do with cremated human remains, nor their options for memorialization. That's where we can help."

Some of the more unique solutions provided by SI® Funeral Services include: 

  • New ways to save cremated human remains, such as jewelry (bracelets and pendant chains), clocks, and decorative rocks.
  • Engraving and customized life scenes on cremation vaults.
  • Specially designed cremation memorials and benches.
  • Graveside internment services for in-ground burial of cremated remains.
  • Professional Crematory Operations…most with family viewing rooms. In some markets, SI® Funeral Services is the only company of its kind with a crematory. 

As more people choose cremation, inexpensive products flood the market. "Consumers feel like they can search the internet and purchase an urn rather than go to a funeral home," says Dennis Welzenbach, Chief Operating Officer/CFO, Suhor Industries. "As the number of cremations rises, SI® Funeral Services has the knowledge and the products to help funeral professionals provide their customers with unique and meaningful ways to honor their loved ones."

SI® Funeral Services performs over 8,000 cremations a year. They operate nearly a dozen certified crematory operations in five states (Colorado, New York, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma). For more information, please visit


*2005 Study of American Attitudes Toward Ritualization and Memorializaton  

Articles appeared in the YN News (8/1/06)