About Us

For over 70 years, SI Funeral Services has been a supplier and resource for funeral professionals. We started serving funeral homes in the state of Missouri and have grown to be the nation's largest burial vault supplier with over 70 locations throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Oregon, New York and Pennsylvania. SI offers Wilbert products in most locations.  Doric products are available in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market and some locations may have other vault brands available.

With nearly 700 full time employees and 450 vehicles, 70 locations and 10 crematories, the company participates in the disposition of 100,000 deaths each year, not to mention 14,000 monuments and memorials installed each year.

Besides vaults, our products and services have expanded to include: grave opening and closing, graveside services, disinterments and transfers; cremation services; urns and urn vaults; embalming; and pick up services, as well as memorials, monuments and cemetery lettering in many locations.

 We know the challenges that face funeral directors and their staff in serving a family in their time of grief. That is why we constantly try to improve services and enhance products that you have available to meet your families' needs.  In 2006, we created this website exclusively for use by funeral service professionals to use as a resource to obtain specific information on our products and services, as well as the industry and trends that we are currently challenged with.  We also created in 2006 a consumer website site, www.sifuneralplanning.com,that you may direct your families to.  This is an independent resource with information concerning the funeral process to help them feel comfortable with funeral planning and assist them in their time of need. It includes ideas to celebrate the life of their loved one, answer common questions and find helpful references in their time of grief. 

Additionally, on a day-in, day-out basis, we are just a phone call away to help you meet your family's needs.

SI Funeral Services is a division of Suhor Industries, Inc.

Suhor is one of the leading funeral service and pre-cast concrete providers in the country. 

Our SI Veteran Memorials division has created hundreds of monuments since 1968, including the recently completed Kansas Korean War Veterans Memorial in Overland Park, KS and providing the donor bricks at the recently renovated Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, MO. 

In the past six years SI Construction Services has installed over 37,000 lawn crypts and 43,000 niches for the VA in 25 cemeteries in 15 states and played a major role in construction of the new Georgia National Cemetery.  

SI Funeral Services provided the burial vaults for Presidents Ronald Reagan and Dwight D. Eisenhower and participated in the internment of both national leaders.  In 2006, we rebuilt 38 cemeteries in Cameron Parish. LA and reburied nearly 300 caskets and remains torn from their graves by Hurricane Rita.