SI Funeral Services

 At SI Funeral Services, OUR GOAL is to grow our business by helping you, our customers, grow yours. We know that helping you focus on serving your customers is the key to making us both successful.  We do this by offering a full array of products and services including:
  • Burial Vaults
  • Vault transfers to other locations
  • Graveside Services with tents, chairs and casket device
  • Grave Digging and Disinterments
  • Caskets
  • Cremation
    • Cremation Choices™
    • Cremation service
    • Urns
    • Urn Vaults
  • Monuments, Memorials and Cemetery Lettering
  • Embalming services
  • First call service
  • Celebration of Life offerings

 We also help you build your business by providing:

  • Resources and information on the funeral industry and current trends
  • Training for your funeral professionals
  • Providing merchandising and collateral materials
  • Showing you how to improve your sales average with customized sales reports

We thank you for your past business and look forward to serving you for years to come. If you have a question or comment, I invite you to contact me at

Joe Suhor
Suhor Industries (The parent company of SI Funeral Services)
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